Thriving families are good for business.

Early childhood education is an investment that provides short and long term benefits for our kids, families and local businesses.

Every state dollar invested in early childhood programs yields a return on investment of almost $8.80. It also reduces juvenile crime and healthcare costs, and helps create a more capable and reliable workforce.

Kids who do not receive early education are less likely to graduate high school, and may have difficulty learning new skills, which leaves them under-prepared and under-qualified for joining the workforce.

Supporting early childhood education can help our local businesses attract and retain a workforce that is present, prepared and productive. Because many mountain families can’t access or afford early childhood education programs, some parents are forced to stay home with their kids rather than work (or reduce the number of hours they work outside the home),  which makes it more difficult for employers to adequately staff their businesses. Constantly having to find, hire and train new employees is a burden for our local businesses and a drain on our economy.

Parents who have no choice but to work may experience stress, worry or anxiety about their child’s development, which can cause them to be distracted on the job, or lead to workplace absences and potential job loss.

Some families will be forced to move away from Eagle County because they can’t afford the cost of early childhood education combined with the high cost of living here, or they simply can’t find ANY available childcare options because even the unlicensed programs are at capacity. This situation undermines our families, our communities and our businesses.

Investments in early childhood education will have immediate and long-term positive impacts on our mountain communities by creating a better-educated, more capable workforce, and empowering parents to return to work sooner and contribute to the economy more reliably.